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Dr. Thomas J. Stephens

I would not go to general fitness trainer ever again. Chris understands how to train the muscles needed to make a consistent golf swing. I highly recommend this golf fitness program.

David Scullen

I have been seeing Chris every week for over four years and my health has never been better. I have learned a lot along the way and it’s been great fun as well. Chris is a unique combination of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. I would recommend Chris to anyone interested in their health and playing […]

Dr. Randal Macurak

Chris developed a program that targeted my trouble areas. Now with the increased range of motion in both my shoulder and back area. I am able to get a much wider shoulder turn, my driver and irons are more consistent and now I get more out of my professional Golf lessons.

Bob Loving

“Significant improvement, not only with back pain ( the reason I began working with Chris to begin with), but strength, flexibility and allot more energy. I wish I knew about Chris in my 30’s instead of my 60’s!

Michael Trevino

“Working with Chris has really helped improve my golf performance! My distance is back. My core strength, balance, flexibility and energy have never been better. If your looking for a certified golf fitness coach who cares and who can help you get results, then

John Harkey

Chris your level of knowledge, experience and expertise shown through in every aspect of the assessment. I’m excited to begin your workouts and look forward to working with you. Thanks again for your time and for putting me on the correct path for achieving my goals. Take care, John

Ron Blair

“Chris Ownbey is the best golf fitness trainer I have ever had. period! I’m fifty! I’m fit! I highly recommend his golf fitness program.”


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

That Helps You Warm Up Like A Pro... Improve Your Flexibility and Play Pain-Free Golf

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