Golf fitness trainer in Dallas

Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas Your Job is to play golf, my job is to prepare your body for your best golf possible. There are 3 main fitness components for golf to play your best. These are all equally important and should not be ignored in a training program specific to golf. The golf swing […]

golf fitness dallas with sarcopenia

SARCOPENIA GOLFfitness and loss of distance and speed in life and sport

SARCOPENIA in the aging and the seasoned GOLFER WILL impact DISTANCE AND overall performance in LIFE & SPORT. Sarcopenia is a fact and reality of existence. However, it can be dealt with.   Sarcopenia, which impacts both males and females, is the medical term for ‘AGEING’. It generally starts after the age of 30 and […]


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TPI Golf fitness In Dallas Tx

TPI Certified Golf Fitness In Dallas Tx

 TPI Certified Golf Fitness in Dallas Tx Just when we think your golf game is starting to come around for the season, fall hits and before we know the days get shorter and the nights get longer. All that progress you made seems to all but disappear before the start of the next season. Golf […]

Why men over 50 are turning to Chris Ownbey golf fitness in Dallas Tx

My name is Chris Ownbey a certified golf and fitness instructor in Dallas tx and often referred to as the “go to guy” for men 50 and over to improve their health, body and golf game. I work with executives (50+) country clubs members who complain, that as get older, they have lost flexibility and […]

adverse effects of the sarcopenia

Role of adapted physical activity to prevent the adverse effects of the sarcopenia.

Role of adapted physical activity to prevent the adverse effects of the sarcopenia. A pilot study. Marini M1, Sarchielli E, Brogi L, Lazzeri R, Salerno R, Sgambati E, Monaci M. Author information 1 Department of Anatomy Histology and Forensic Medicine, University of Florence, Florence, Italy. Abstract Sarcopenia is the physiological age-related decline in muscle mass and strength. It is the […]

Golf fitness Dallas Tx

Golf fitness Dallas Tx

Golf fitness Dallas Tx gregory mclane I have been working with Chris for about 3 months. I am down 19 lbs, and my resting heart rate is 53, down from 68 a year ago with a BP of 114 over 70. He has been getting me ready for a week-long hike in the Sierras with […]

Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX.

Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX Chris Ownbey golf fitness TPI Certified Golf Fitness Expert Introduces 30 and 60-minute Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX. 20 years in the golf and fitness industry. Chris Ownbey will help you improve your golf game. A TPI golf fitness program will help you achieve better flexibility, balance, core […]


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

That Helps You Warm Up Like A Pro... Improve Your Flexibility and Play Pain-Free Golf

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