HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR BETTER GOLF How to prepare your body for better golf? Looking at how to prepare your body for better golf? Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness explains how as the body ages, it loses flexibility. Loss of flexibility is the single most important physical characteristic likely to influence one’s golf swing. A tight […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Performance On And Off The Course

Before you ‘grip it and rip it’, remember these key steps Every time you golf, you’re hoping for a good round. But how often does the outcome match what you hoped for? Do you usually shoot the scores you had envisioned before you teed off? If you don’t, do you ever evaluate where and how […]

Golf fitness training for the player 55 and over

Golf fitness training for the player 55 and over   golf fitness for the 55+ player I regularly prepare golf fitness program the 55+ player. senior individuals of age 55 or above, who often grumble about lost distance and rising handicaps, being a Golf Fitness Specialist. People of this age think that if that if […]

Winterize your golf game with golf fitness

Winterize your golf game with golf fitness Golf fitness 6 month program As a golf fitness and performance coach, my ultimate goal is to improve your golf game using my many years of experience in golf fitness. I do a complete golf fitness assessment. My job is to assess your body, and to identify the […]

Golf Fitness Dallas Tx Winterize your golf game

Everybody is doing it! Golf Fitness Program a Key Factor in Maximizing Your Game Testimonials to golf fitness are seen all over the television. It’s talked about on the practice tee and in the clubhouses. Why is there so much talk about golf fitness? Is it really that important? Do you want to know what’s […]

Web Simpson Currently ranked 17 in the world. Web Simpson is the 2012 U.S open winner. Talks about the value of fitness and a pre round warm up routine. Here is your free pre round stretching routine Click here  

Golf fitness exercises and golf specific workouts explained

Golf fitness exercises and golf specific workouts explained We spend countless hours on the driving range in an effort to improve our golf swing. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars are spent on golf lessons. It all adds up to a lot of time and money spent on improving the golf swing. Unfortunately, for many […]

How to fix a slice in golf with Golf Fitness

How to fix a slice in golf with Chris Ownbey’s Golf Fitness The focus on the dreaded SLICE is and will always be the mainstay of golf magazine tips. Why? 80% of all amateurs have it, and top pros still get it every once in awhile. To sum it up, most golfers will remain frustrated […]

Can you use better balance?

Can you use better Balance? GOLF FITNESS DALLAS TX  Just as you cannot expect to fire a cannon from a canoe with any accuracy, you cannot expect to express the strength and power necessary for a long drive, medium iron shot, shot from the rough or chip shot with any accuracy if your body is […]

Golf fitness – Do not become a Statistic

 Golf fitness -Do not become a Statistic Make 2017 The New Year, The New You Golf fitness and weight loss aren’t usually discussed together, let’s change that. Current statistics, from The Department for Disease Control and Prevention, reveal that 64 percent of the adult population falls within some definition of obesity, from simple overweight to […]


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

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