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GOLF FITNESS DALLAS TX CHRIS OWNBEY GOLF FITNESS  Recent feedback from a client who went through Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness assessment. Thank you for your kind words regarding Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness Client name: Bernard Goor Was Chris Ownbey knowledgeable of the service regarding the golf fitness assessment? Extremely well How satisfied were you with […]

golf fitness flexibility

You’re getting older and need flexibility

You’re getting older and need flexibility. Period AS I am getting older. I’m realizing I need to work on my flexibility and mobility training every day. Golf-specific workouts are designed differently than general fitness workouts and the exercises I have clients perform will produce greater flexibility.  Here are the top five benefits: Improved Turn Increased […]

how to use your glutes in the golf swing

How to use your glutes in the golf swing

  How the great ball strikers used their glutes in the golf swing. CHRIS OWNBEY’S GOLF FITNESS  If you have been around the game long enough you have heard of the “Snead Squat”. We can see in the sequence below that as Snead transitioned from the top of the backswing his left knee would go […]

Golf fitness Dallas and Sarcopenia

Golf fitness Dallas explains Sarcopenia and golf

Golf fitness Dallas explains Sarcopenia and golf Sarcopenia – How It Affects Golf & Life **I am not a jack of all. I am a Master of one. A Personal trainer for Men and Women 40+. Sarcopenia is a word most people are not familiar with. I’m spending a lot of time studying this topic […]

Jr. Golf Fitness in Dallas

Jr Golf Fitness Dallas Tx

Jr. Golf Fitness in Dallas . Golf Fitness in Dallas with TPI Golf fitness instructor Chris Ownbey to give your Jr. the competitive advantage Chris Ownbey ‘s Jr. golf fitness in Dallas  TPI Certified Golf fitness certified Jr. Instructor Competitive advantage over the competition    

How to increase club head speed at 50

Guys your not losing distance because you are getting older

Guys your not losing distance because you are getting older. You are losing speed and distance because you are losing strength/power. I would say 99.9% of the people who contact me are frustrated because they are losing clubhead speed, distance, and accuracy. They say, Chris, I’m getting older so I’m losing flexibility, I’m losing distance, […]

golf fitness dallas with sarcopenia

SARCOPENIA GOLFfitness and loss of distance and speed in life and sport

SARCOPENIA in the aging and the seasoned GOLFER WILL impact DISTANCE AND overall performance in LIFE & SPORT. Sarcopenia is a fact and reality of existence. However, it can be dealt with.   Sarcopenia, which impacts both males and females, is the medical term for ‘AGEING’. It generally starts after the age of 30 and […]


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

That Helps You Warm Up Like A Pro... Improve Your Flexibility and Play Pain-Free Golf

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