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Jr. Golf Fitness in Dallas

Jr Golf Fitness Dallas Tx

Jr. Golf Fitness in Dallas . Golf Fitness in Dallas with TPI Golf fitness instructor Chris Ownbey to give your Jr. the competitive advantage Chris Ownbey ‘s Jr. golf fitness in Dallas  TPI Certified Golf fitness certified Jr. Instructor Competitive advantage over the competition    

COVID 19 UPDATE - Fitness Gyms Are Not Safe

COVID 19 UPDATE – Fitness Gyms Are Not Safe Here is Why

COVID 19 UPDATE – Fitness Gyms Are Not Safe The Virus Is Less Likely to Spread with 1 on 1 Private Fitness sessions 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions Are Safer Than the Gym, Bootcamps, and Group classes for 2 reasons: Cleanliness of the environment- the fact is, large gyms and group fitness classes are […]

Women Fitness Transformation Session

CHRIS OWNBEY PERSONAL TRAINER IN DALLAS TX  Women Fitness Transformation Session is looking for 10 women to Jump Start a better body and their health in 12 weeks.  This is an exclusive offer for 1 week for $1 This is going to be one of the most important steps you ever make to transform not […]


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

That Helps You Warm Up Like A Pro... Improve Your Flexibility and Play Pain-Free Golf

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