How to use your glutes in the golf swing

how to use your glutes in the golf swing


How the great ball strikers used their glutes in the golf swing.

If you have been around the game long enough you have heard of the “Snead Squat”.

We can see in the sequence below that as Snead transitioned from the top of the backswing his left knee would go from internal to external rotation.

AKA his left knee would start to point in the same direction as his toes.

Very similar to performing a proper squat as demonstrated earlier.

Snead Front View Sequence

The same can be seen for the great Ben Hogan.

Hogan Front View Sequence - Knee Out

And yes even Tiger Woods does so to some extent.

Albeit, he had less external rotation due to the impending left knee issues that would pop up in 2008, right after these photos were taken.

Tiger Front View Sequence - Knee Out

This external rotation, or knees driving outward, recruits the same muscles that an olympic lifter (or anyone for that matter) does when performing a proper squat.

They are all using “firing the glutes.”

Let’s look at these players and how they use their glutes in the golf swing from down the line.


You get a better sense of a squatting motion that occurs in the swing.

Focusing on the vertical line we can see that all great ball strikers keep their glutes on the line in the downswing.

This is very similar to performing a proper squat.

  • The hips must move back first. This loads the posterior chain (hammies, glutes, low back) which are much stronger together than the quads.

Snead moves his left hip glute back to the line as he drops the club into the “slot.”

Snead Squat Sequence Down the Line

Below we see Hogan performing the same move of sending the left hip/glute back to the yellow line.

Hogan Squat Sequence Down the Line

And finally the GOAT, Tiger Woods does the same move. In fact, in 2007-2008, Tiger was prone to squat too much causing the club to get stuck behind him leading to a high block or a snap hook if he turned it over.

But that is a discussion for another day.

Tiger Squat Sequence Down the Line


Finally, let’s examine how these great ball strikers glutes function at impact.

I want you to notice a few things:

  1. The left hip/glute is rotating away from the target.
  2. The right hip/glute is rotating towards the target.
  3. At impact, the lead leg is pretty straight
  4. You can see the seam of their pants at impact.
  5. Finally, you see both the left and right glutes at impact.

Here is Ben Hogan demonstrating it.

The sequence displays the right glute/hip driving towards the target.

The left hip/glute rotates away from the target (middle image).

All as the lead leg straightens.

And at impact, you can see both glutes as the hips have opened to the target.

Hogan Impact Sequence Driving with the glutes in golf swing

Here is Sam Snead performing the same move.

Snead Impact Sequence

And finally Tiger Woods himself. This sequence is from 2000 when he played some of the best golf in history.

Tiger Woods Impact Sequence

This type of move requires a lot of flexibility in the back and hips.

And it also requires them to engage their glutes to generate a lot of power.

You can really see that in the sequence of Tiger.

If you zoom in on the far right, you see he is driving so hard he gives himself a little wedgie (insert jokes here).

Exercises to help you strengthen your glutes for golf



how to use your glutes in the golf swing
how to use your glutes in the golf swing

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