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You’re getting older and need flexibility

You’re getting older and need flexibility. Period AS I am getting older. I’m realizing I need to work on my flexibility and mobility training every day. Golf-specific workouts are designed differently than general fitness workouts and the exercises I have clients perform will produce greater flexibility.  Here are the top five benefits: Improved Turn Increased […]

Chris Ownbey Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

Chris Ownbey Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

Chris Ownbey Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas Meet the owner of Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness. TPI Certified golf performance coach “Trainer to The Golfers” Fitness has always been Chris’s passion. His history includes success as a state powerlifting champion, bodybuilder, mixed martial arts competitor, and golfer. Chris’s success comes from his big heart and the […]

TPI Golf fitness In Dallas Tx

TPI Certified Golf Fitness In Dallas Tx

 TPI Certified Golf Fitness in Dallas Tx Just when we think your golf game is starting to come around for the season, fall hits and before we know the days get shorter and the nights get longer. All that progress you made seems to all but disappear before the start of the next season. Golf […]

Golf fitness exercises and golf specific workouts explained

Golf fitness exercises and golf specific workouts explained We spend countless hours on the driving range in an effort to improve our golf swing. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars are spent on golf lessons. It all adds up to a lot of time and money spent on improving the golf swing. Unfortunately, for many […]

Golf fitness – Do not become a Statistic

 Golf fitness -Do not become a Statistic Make 2017 The New Year, The New You Golf fitness and weight loss aren’t usually discussed together, let’s change that. Current statistics, from The Department for Disease Control and Prevention, reveal that 64 percent of the adult population falls within some definition of obesity, from simple overweight to […]

How one of my students played the NUMBER 2 Golf Course in the world and hit his best round ever

Chris Ownbey’s Golf Fitness In Dallas Tx How one of my students played the NUMBER 2 Golf Course in the world and hit his best round ever is there something in your life that makes you feel GREAT? Something that just truly gets you excited and passionate at your core? For me, it’s getting texts like this one: I got this from one of my Golf Fitness students Jeff. We had been working together […]

How Lexi Thompson out drives a 300 lb defensive lineman

Have you ever wondered how someone like Lexi can out drive a 300 lb lineman? The answer is not how close your swing resembles Ernie Els or Tiger Woods on camera, the answer is the efficiency of your swing compared to the best players in the world. In other words, there are a lot of […]


Pre – Round Stretching Routine

That Helps You Warm Up Like A Pro... Improve Your Flexibility and Play Pain-Free Golf

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