Tiger Wood’s workout secret revealed

Tiger Woods workout secret revealed


Tiger Woods workout is supposedly this “hush-hush” secret nobody knows about, but everybody is dying to find out. Tiger is human like every other golfer and realizes the importance of conditioning for golf. He brought a new meaning to the word golf as a “sport”. Tiger Woods workout has been rumored to be grueling and highly intensive. I’ve even heard that Tiger Woods bench presses 300 pounds. For Tiger to put his rotator cuffs, chest and shoulder muscles at risk by bench pressing 300 pounds is a bit extreme. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Tiger does not do heavy bench presses. Anything that could be counter productive to the golf swing I do not see Tiger doing,

Tiger clearly is into results. All you have to do is look at his physique and you can tell he has gotten bigger and stronger since he’s been on the tour.

But the question is, “what IS Tiger Woods workout”? What does he do to produce those results? Do you want the truth? CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH”?

The truth is…….His conditioning program is disciplined, consistent, and gradual. Tiger has a workout schedule that he sticks with (disciplined). His workouts are focused on golf (consistent). The workouts increase weight, reps and functions slowly over time. (gradual).

Just from watching his swing and his physique. I can tell you he’s doing many exercises incorporating strength, flexibility, core and balance. As fast as Tiger swings the club, and as much as he swings the club in practice and on the course, he realizes he needs to keep all four elements in balance and at a very high state of development. If he didn’t he’d suffer from continual injuries as his swing put demands on his body that it couldn’t handle.

Here are the facts: The golf swing is a highly dynamic movement that requires all four physical fundamentals.

  1. Strength- Legs, arms, back, shoulders to be controlled and yet relaxed during the fully extended golf swing.
  2. Flexibility- allows what the pros call the “X Factor” to come to play, The X factor is the ability to disassociate between your upper (90 degrees) and lower body (40-45 degrees). You are able to separate your torso from your lumbar region on the backswing, then allowing the stability of the lower body to generate your power on the downswing.
  3. Core- These are the muscles of the mid-section that literally hold the swing together. Without core stability, no timing, no control, no distance.
  4. Balance- You can not fire a cannon from a canoe. Balance allows the body to accelerate and decelerate at will, from start to finish, in alignment with the target.

Don’t have the time Tiger does to work on your conditioning? ( who does?)

There are a combination exercises that contribute to all four physical fundamentals. Here’s one.

The Gecko 4-Quad with rotation:

Put a weighted ball between your feet ( weight varies upon your level). Feet will be a little more that shoulder width apart. The arms will hang inside the knees palms facing each other. Grasp the ball. ( be sure to squat down to the ball. Do not bend from the waist to pick it up). Just like the form for squats, the head should be up, the hips down, and the back flat. UPWARD MOTION Lift ball by extending hips and knees to full extension pull shoulders back at top of lift then curl the ball to the chest. From there press the ball overhead to overhead press. Lower the ball back to curl position. Set stabilize in a six iron posture, now turning with your torso, rotate through a complete a backswing then back to the full follow through position, come back to address. Curl the arms back down. The head should be up, the hips down, and the back flat, squat and lower ball to ground. This combination is one complete one rep. Repeat 10 reps 3times with a 1 minute break after each 10 reps.

There! You’re exercising like a Tiger! Now remember the keys:

  • Be Disciplined – Stick with it!
  • Consistent- Every exercise designed to improve your golf game.
  • Gradual- Increase your workout levels slowly as your body and mind are ready for it.

Let me help make you score better on the course, and look and feel better off the course.

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